That moment of opening my eyes
Seemingly for the first time
Looking around at a world born anew
A place of the most wondrous kind

Realising that which I always knew
But forgot sometime along the way
This was how I was always meant to live
I’ve finally remembered how to play!

Accepting all that is
No longer worrying about everything
What joy as the burden lifts from my shoulders!
As I start to dance and sing

This is what living is about
This is the true meaning of life
To experience the world as a gift, a present
Not as a place riddled with strife

I have some insight now
I can see part of the greater plan
There is finally meaning in my life
I am beginning to understand

I can’t stay at this place I know
I’m not yet ready in any way
Now it’s time to do the hard work required
So I can remain here permanently one day


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