The Road to Enlightenment

I’ll never forget the day
I first fell over the road to enlightenment
I wasn’t even looking for enlightenment at the time

And it seemed to happen so easily
Without any effort required from me
Though the result was I nearly lost my mind

Like all the best things in life
Enlightenment can only happen
When you stop trying and just completely surrender

And though now I no longer have it
Because I have known it once
I will forever search for that that I remember

If I had even contemplated enlightenment before
I am sure I never could have found it
For I tend to try very hard with all things

But fortunately it came unlooked for
Indeed almost unwanted
The very first time I tried surrendering

And my life was changed forever
There is no exaggeration there
For now I had no doubt love exists

And I knew I had a purpose
And I knew there was a plan
And I knew there was a better way to live

The knowledge brought such joy
Such wonder and ecstasy
People all around me could feel my gladness

However I was not quite ready
Had not done the inner work required
And my experience quickly became madness

Since then I have worked so hard
To drop all my conditioning
To ensure my ego is no longer my master

The journey back to that place
Can be as long or short as I choose
Though I don’t think I could currently travel much faster!

That taste of unadulterated bliss
That sensation of ecstasy
That is what has kept me going all this time

In search of a memory
A true vision of heaven on earth
Eventually enlightenment will once more be mine

The road to enlightenment is long
With many pitfalls along the way
I know that, because I’ve fallen into most of them

But this is the most amazing journey
Coming to know whom I truly am
Realising there’s nothing against which I need defend

My ego, my protector for so long
Is now no longer required
And in fact can sometimes be more curse than blessing

But I need to love the whole of myself
Even my poor fragile ego
That is one of my most important lessons

In search of enlightenment
I find myself
Travelling deep, deep down inside

Facing those childhood fears
Those powerful subconscious patterns
That for so long have been able to hide

It is not an easy journey no
As anyone will tell you
If you think to attempt it out of curiosity

It is better never to start
Then to begin and not finish
That is the best advice you can get from me

I eagerly await the day
When once more bliss is mine
That memory is what keeps me journeying on

Though I know next time around
There won’t be those extreme emotions
For I’ll realise this is how it has been all along


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