My Self

Never been so alone
Lost all that had meaning
Adrift in this world
Desperate to go home
Home to my self

Darkest night during day
A haunted cry to the unknown
What is my purpose?
Why am I here?
Help me through this torment
Back to my self

A barely felt shift within
A naked light bulb flickers
A spark of something greater
Something more
Than just my self

A sense of peace envelops
No longer so lost and frightened
Not finding
But being found
By my self

The loss now making sense
Necessary to find
This flickering of light
This pulsing glow of warmth
Within my self

Looking out at the world
Now less alien, less strange
Less full of pain and loss
I am safe
Inside my self

Enveloped in arms of love
I know this is how it had to be
I had to lose everything to find that most important
My sense of self


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