Viva La Revolution!

We all have faith in something
Money, Relationships, Celebrity
No one is truly faithless
It’s all about perception you see

I have faith in Humanity
In our innate goodness and love
Though in this world it can sometimes seem
I’m one of the few who does

Yet things are slowly changing
The revolution is drawing nigh
But we’re not talking Armageddon here
Nor flaming fire bolts from on high

The revolution will be peaceful
Slowly spreading throughout the land
Though no one will be forced to do anything
That’s not part of the plan

Still increasingly people will realise
The ways of the past can be no more
Our desire for power, control, and subjugation
Have brought us to destruction’s door

Then the tide will turn
As people change their minds
And realise the power they always desired
Was waiting within them to find

United we will stand together
And combine our power to save
This magnificent planet we once more find sacred
Before it is too late


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