Lost in a web of tangled thoughts and dreams
Drawing me in
Increasingly stuck the more I fight
Is there no escape?

A web of my own making
Now my source of despair
Habitual thoughts of you so hard to lose
I am far from free

Part of me says it’s easier to rest here
Lost in the enmeshment
Leaving the attachment intact
Drowning within

But that is no way to live a life
To move forward I must cut the cords
You have done all you can
Now it is time for me

I have to find a way to end this
Somehow I must leave you behind
Where is the exit from this labyrinth?
This web of addiction in my mind?

Though it may be in the future
We will become involved again
That is the future not now
I must end this finally….

….And now at last I am escaping
My thoughts of you are no more
The addiction is bested; the attachment is broken
I am at freedom’s door

Never again shall I be trapped in my web
My life once more belongs to me
I am exiting the labyrinth at last
This spider is finally free


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