Looking out from between
The bars of my captivity
I often wonder about the outside
What freedom would mean for me

What would it mean if I could escape
From this, my prison of fear?
What wonders could my life hold
If I was no longer trapped here?

How have I come to this point
Where all I long for is to be free?
But yet I don’t have the courage
To make my freedom a reality?

When was it in my life
That I decided this was it?
That dreams were no longer worth pursuing
That this was as good as I’d get?

And I can smell freedom
It’s on the other side of this cage
What more incentive do I need
To finally convince me to be brave?

To live the life I choose to live
And chase my dreams to their end
But to give up this pretence of mine
My illusions have to end

Torturing me, tormenting me
The concept of freedom so seductive
I look around at this life of mine
I only exist, I no longer live

Oh, to be alive again
To find passion and joy in what I do
Freedom gently whispers to me
“Do you still believe dreams can come true?

“Then follow me away from here
Out into the world outside
And in that world you can start again
It’s never too late to try”

“But what will people say?” I wonder
And yearning forward yet hold back
“Are you living your life for them or for you?
This is your chance to get back on track”

The desire to leave outweighs the fear
I follow Freedom to the outside world
I feel the sun on my face again
Turn my head to a birdsong heard

“It’s so beautiful out here,” I whisper
Overjoyed at the wonder of life
Something I had forgotten so long ago
Lost in the prison of my mind

“So why’d it take you so long then?”
“I don’t know,” I honestly reply
“I was in my comfort zone, safe though miserable
I’d forgotten about the birds and the sky”

“Only you can imprison yourself
Only you can deny your dreams
It’s up to you to choose what you want out of life
Don’t let others tell you who you should be

“Live the life you’ve always wanted
The life so amazing you were scared to dare
You’ll never know what could be if you don’t try”
And with that, Freedom fades into the air

But not entirely gone
Just dissipated on the breeze
For what is freedom really
Except from your chains, a release?

And as I gaze above me
Into the beautiful sky
I see a beaming rainbow
With a pot of gold nearby

I peer inside the legendary pot
And lo! What do I find?
But my dearest dreams long since discarded
When I’d entered the prison of my mind

With tears in my eyes I cradle them
More precious than jewels and far more rare
“Thank you so much!” I call to Freedom
Who winks then vanishes back into the air

Now restored to pre-captive state
Reminded of all I gave up to be what I thought I should
I decide no longer am I going to ‘conform’
No longer am I ‘going to be good’

Freedom is nothing if you don’t use it
You might as well still be trapped
My dreams and I have learnt this lesson
We’re leaving and never coming back!


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