Great Mystery

Beyond my understanding
Beyond my knowledge capacity
Mightiest, most powerful being
Why would you care about me?

Who am I? I am no one special
This I long ago realised
And I know that we are all equals
In your eyes

Why would you take an interest?
Enable me to be all that I can?
Help me to achieve my destiny?
Does this allow some greater plan?

Is it truly that you are
Interested in everyone?
Is it truly that we are all
Destined to be someone?

Of course I only know my story
But you know everything
Indeed there is nothing that can occur
Without your knowing

All religions hold the key
And all have you at the end
Jehovah, Cosmos, All That Is
Father, mother, lover, and friend

Thank you for your blessings
That you so generously give
Now I am finally beginning to realise
How I was always meant to live

For so long I rebelled against you
Denied you were even real
How patiently you waited for me
Now you are helping me to heal

Ancestor, descendant, brother, and sister
How are you so infinitely kind?
When so many of us wilfully ignore your love
Resist you with body and mind?

Love unconditional it truly is
And glad am I it is so
For otherwise when I finally turned to you
You might just have told me where to go

But fortunately that was not the case
You welcomed me back joyously
And joy was indeed what I found
When I accepted your love gratefully

Now well on the way to living my dreams
A feat only achieved with much help from you
I give thanks daily in my heart for everything
And ask how can I best serve you?

You are all that made this universe
But you are that which is all of us too
Whenever we do something helpful for another
In truth we are doing it for you

So whatever you wish of me I want to do
Not out of obligation, but out of love
I kneel before you and I pray
Yet my prayer is not to ‘god above’

No, I pray to the divine within me
The wise part of me that knows so much more than I do
That within me that enables me to be in charge of my life
That within me that knows what is true

All others may let me down
But I know I never will
I realise I don’t actually know much else in truth
But for what I do know, I am thankful

So I choose to go where I am directed
And I will have faith in what is to be
I choose to live now in present time
Secure in the love of Great Mystery


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