My Love

I was always looking to the outside
For succour, for support, for rescue
Why did it take me so long
To realise what I needed was actually inside me?

Why was I always seeking
From friends, family, lovers
The love and approval that really
I only ever needed from myself?

Yes I was in love with you
But even more than that it seems
I was in love with the person I was
When I was with you

So I really don’t need you
If only I can work out
How to find that part of me
Within myself

I need to unlock the door
Release the trapped fire inside
Free myself from past conditioning
Dream, love, and live again!

And it’s wonderful I don’t need you
And maybe one day
When I’ve found that part within me
I will not want you either

What freedom that would be
To be completely myself
Intact, whole, and passionate
In love with all of life

No longer dependent on another
To give me what I lack
I would have found within myself
My passion, my fire, my love!


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