Give Your Bully A Hug

Friends play together
Share their toys and get along
Bullies take your toys
So they have them all and you have none

But bullies are also people
They want love and friendship too
But the only way they know how to get it
Is to take it from others

Bullies envy the way you make friends
They are jealous of how everyone likes you
People do things for you because they want to
They do things for bullies because they are scared not to

How sad it must be
To have no real friends
To know people are only nice to you
Because they fear you

Poor lonely friendless bully
What has happened to you in your life?
That the only way you know to act around people
Is to make them afraid?

Surely you must know
If you steal all the toys
Then you will have all the toys
But no friends to play with them

So it is horrible being bullied
But it also horrible being the bully
Knowing that no one likes you for who you are
They only hang out with you because they’re scared

So victims of the world unite!
Turn around and face your foe
And instead of fighting with them
Say, “I wish you weren’t in so much pain”

For people can only hurt another
When they are in pain themselves
They are wounded so they lash out
Heedless of the damage they may cause

Your bully may not appreciate
The love and kindness in those words at first
But some day, maybe many years later
It will start to sink in

Then they’ll look back and wonder
At how right you were
And they may even feel regret
For how they persecuted you

But then again they may not
Some bullies will never realise
That taking out their suffering on another
Cannot ever rid them of their pain

But to face hatred with love
To face vindictiveness and spite with compassion
To forgive those who have hurt you so
That is true grace and bravery

Even if your actions
Do not have an effect on the bully
They will be noted by others
And admired

Leading by example is the hardest way
Face your bullies with a smile on your face and love in your heart
And watch then, just watch!
For others will begin to do the same

And then the bully will no longer
Be able to rule out of fear
For now people understand
They are no longer frightened

Bullying only works
When people are scared of you
It’s not going to work
When they feel pity for you!

So make a decision
To no longer live in fear
Give your bully a hug today
And never be scared of them again!


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