If Love was a Choice

If love was a choice
I would love the man who ticked all the boxes
I would love the man who cared about me
I would love the man who wanted to share his life with me

My head could rule my heart
And that would be ok
I wouldn’t fall for inappropriate men
I wouldn’t have my heart broken again

If I could choose whom to love
I wouldn’t have declared myself
To someone who couldn’t care less
To someone who considered me only an option

My heart would be unbroken
I wouldn’t be scared of getting hurt again
Commitment wouldn’t terrify me so
For my partner could and would never hurt me

But love is seldom a choice
It’s wild, and free, and passionate
Exciting, alive, and terrifying
And surely that’s how it should be

The highs are unreal; the lows unbearable
You desire each other so
That every hour in every day
Is not enough for you both

But that kind of passion has a darker side
The chances of getting hurt are very high
My heart is scared to break once more
But still it is not safety I crave

I want the thrill, I want the rush
I want to be with someone whose every touch
Inflames my soul burning me inside
Till all that’s left is desire

I want to be alive
If I must risk the pain so be it
What is this life if always
You are playing it safe?

I hope the next time I love
The man will love me in return
And then we can travel those highs and lows

So even if love was a choice
I’d still choose passion over safety
I’d still choose to risk it all
For what is life without wild love?


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