Thank you

It’s amazing how everything can change
In a moment, a brief flash of time
A realisation that all of a sudden
Means nothing is ever the same

The smallest piece of information
Can trigger a paradigm shift
And even result in someone
Been forever thereafter changed

It didn’t make sense before
I couldn’t understand
Why when it felt so right
It appeared I was mistaken

I couldn’t accept the way things are
I couldn’t see any possible reason
Why we can’t be together
When you’re everything I always wanted

But now I understand
If things had indeed been different
I would never have grown as I have
I would not be the person I am now

I would merely have been your shadow
Content to play follow the leader
Never realising my own potential
Never considering my own destiny

And so I had to lose you
Or more accurately you let me go
You could have chosen not to
But you gave me this chance to grow

I thought you didn’t care
How ignorant I was
How much more love was required
To allow me this opportunity

It would have been so easy
For you to choose differently
But then I never could have being
The woman I am becoming

So thank you for giving me my freedom
Even though I did not want it
And thank you for not holding me back
Even though I begged you to

Thank you for knowing somehow
As I did not at the time
That giving me what I wanted
Was the very last thing I needed

I have suffered much as a result
But I have learnt a lot also
And now I finally understand why
I am at peace and can let you go

Now I must search within myself
For that part of me I found with you
It’s not up to you to complete me
Only I am able to do that

Thank you for teaching me how to love
And thus to know what I’m looking for
Thank you for showing me how to save myself
Even though it’s taken me this long to understand

I know I will always love you
But it’s time for me to move on
Thank you once again for everything
And thank you most of all for being you


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