The Greatest Journey

I have travelled the world several times
And I have experienced many things
Yet the greatest journey of all
Is occurring here in my hometown

I had always wanted more
As I think most of us do
But I didn’t know how to find it
Thus my search in the outside world

And I found many things indeed
Some pleasurable, many painful
But never did I come across
That which could fill my emptiness

And now I have returned home
Disconsolate thinking my search failed
I am beginning to discover
Things I only ever dreamed of

The difference being of course
That no longer do I quest outside
For I am finding the greatest journey of all
Is to the core of me

I never could have changed
If I had continued to look to the outer world
I had to look within myself
And see the truth of what was going on

And scary as it was
I then had to brave my inner demons
Acknowledge my dysfunctional patterns
And seek to change them

Dropping defenses learnt over a lifetime
Shields that kept people away from the real me
Learning to be genuinely who I am with all
For better or worse

It has not been without its trauma
This shedding of illusions and masks
Bringing my wounded self to the light
And learning to love the whole of me

But the rewards are beyond compare
I no longer fear people’s judgement
I am becoming complete within myself
What an amazing thing!

My journey is far from over
But I love the person I am becoming
I see how brave I have been
And I respect myself for it

So if you are looking for a heroic quest
A chance to find your own holy grail
Then seek to journey to your centre
And learn how wondrous you truly are


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