Attachment and Love

‘”I want him!” screamed Attachment
“He’s everything I ever wanted!”
“But he must be his own person,” Love chided gently
“And you must allow him his freedom”

“But he belongs with me!
I’ll give him everything he desires!”
Love shook her head, “you don’t understand
Only he can give that to himself

“Attachment my dear, you don’t actually care
For him as you think you do
You seek to possess him, to own him
To make him yours, but why?”

“So he can’t leave me!” Attachment sobbed
“For I’ll never be whole without him!”
“My dearest child,” Love responded
“That’s obsession not love!

“No one else can complete us
That is up to us to do
If you truly love him as you say you do
His mere existence will be enough”

“But I need him!” Attachment cried
“Why doesn’t he need me too?”
“Dearest Attachment the only person
You’ve ever needed is you

“You have mistakenly attributed
How you felt with him to the man himself
But dear misguided Attachment it was never about him
It’s only ever been about you”

“So what do you recommend oh high and mighty Love?
Since you seem to think you know so much better than me?”
“My dear Attachment search inside yourself
Find that missing part of you and be free

“Understand that attachment is not
And will never be the same as love
Attachment leads to demands on another
Love accepts what is and is grateful

“To truly love another, ego cannot be involved
It matters not they are not with you
It matters not they don’t feel the same
As long as they are, that is all that matters”

“But why can’t he love me?” Attachment wailed
“When I love him so?”
“The love is unconditional child,” Love replied
“That’s the only way to truly love another

“Moreover as far as the man is concerned
Do you even really love him in truth?
All he knows is you have been very attached
And how energy draining that is for all concerned

“You know yourself when previously
People have sought to attach themselves to you
How tiring that is and how likely you are
To avoid those people in the future”

“Then what can I do?” Attachment despaired
“Have I lost him now forever?”
“Dearest heart,” Love comforted her
“You never really had him

“He was never yours, and you were never his
The only person you will ever be is your own
Rejoice dearest child for you have learnt this lesson
And you will never have to learn it again”

With tears streaming down her face Attachment bowed her head
“I’m sorry I didn’t understand before”
“How could you my darling?” Love rejoined
“They don’t exactly teach this in schools!

“In fact in our society the opposite is taught
We are told that another will ‘save’ us
That we will find our soul mate whom
Will ‘complete us’ so we can live ‘happily ever after’

“But the truth is that is a fantasy
And this expectation only leads to unhappiness
How can we truly love another in entirety
When we don’t know how to love the whole of ourselves?

“My dearest, darling Attachment
You have done nothing wrong
You had to learn this lesson
It was always going to be this way”

“So will he ever know how much I love him?”
Attachment wondered aloud
“It matters not whether he does or not my dear
True love has no demands

“You love him because he is
It matters not how he feels about you
And that my darling is not attachment
That is love unconditional and true”


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