When I was a Girl

When I was a girl
The whole world was my playground
Everyone was a friend waiting to be met
My entire life was filled with love

It was all absolutely wonderful
There were no feelings of resentment
No guilt, boredom, or frustration
I was just so glad to be alive

So where is that happy girl now?
Why today is it so hard
To bring that childish joy and enthusiasm
Back into my life?

Where has my passion gone?
My thirst for adventure and fun?
Now though I know life is sacred and wondrous
I no longer feel it

When did I stop living in joy?
When did I forget how to play?
When did I become so old and boring?
And tired? This isn’t who I want to be!

I want to be that little girl again
So bursting full of life and energy
So alive with the idea of what is possible
She’d never sell out on her dreams!

I can never be naïve and innocent again
And truly I wouldn’t want to be
But to live in such perfect love and trust
There’s a lot to be said about that

Now that I am older and wiser
And no longer the naïve little victim
People can no longer take advantage of me no
But I lost something along the way

My heart became closed to love
My mind suspicious of motives
Everyone else become other
And I saw only how different we are

But I am going to change all that
I open my heart again to love
Everybody is now potentially my friend once more
And I choose to see only our similarities

Once again I will feel wonder at the miracle of life
And I will know anything and everything is possible
All my dearest dreams can become a reality
And I will live in love, joy, and trust again


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