The Show

“How exciting!” we all agree
“We’re going to be in a show!
People are actually going to pay to hear us sing
It’s really a dream come true!”

And we go into the rehearsals
With such joy in our hearts
But gradually the stress of all the practise
Starts to weigh down upon us

“Isn’t this meant to be fun?” we ask
“When singing is something we so enjoy
How can it be we’re finding ourselves
Drained and lethargic with only 10 days to go?”

Barely more than a week out from the show
Actually glad to have a break from song
I find myself almost wishing it done with
So much has it taken over my life

But then the final week before
Everything starts to come together
The directors begin to smile again
And we all find the energy we had been lacking

The night of the show we are electric
Wired and ready to go
The curtain rises on a hushed audience
Whom we proceed to delight with our performance

The different parts of it all
Segue together so seamlessly
You’d think we truly were professionals
Not just amateurs living our dream

With the end of the show the audience go wild
We come out and take our bows
Regretful now it is finally over
“We’ll do it again next year!” we vow


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