Tomorrow is Another Day

I don’t want to get out of bed
But the day is quickly passing
Why am I so lethargic these days?
Where has all my energy gone?

I don’t think I’m depressed
But I can’t seem to rise before mid-morning
Has my body clock been reset to teenager mode?
At times you’d have to wonder

It’s a good thing that at the moment
I’m not currently working in a job
Though maybe if I was
I’d actually be able to get up?

The irony is I’m actually finding
It hard to sleep at night
But surely it can’t be a hypomanic state
When I awake the next morning so tired?

Maybe it’s sheer laziness
Or my body luxuriating that I’ve finally stopped
Catching up on decades of sleep-deficit
Or am I thinking about this too much?

Tonight I’m going to go to bed earlier
I’m determined to arise before ten tomorrow!
Though I have a sinking feeling
I will spend hours not being able to sleep

But that is a risk I have to take
Tick tock the hours are passing by
It’s the middle of winter after all
There’s not much daylight to play by

Tomorrow I will get up earlier
Tomorrow I will not lie in
I will reset my clock back to adult mode
I will get up and make the most of the day

I am determined to rise and get things done
There’s too much to do not to!
But tomorrow is another day after all
And I will work on this I promise, tomorrow


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