Constantly sought after
Usually only appearing when unexpected
Temptress, seductress
Mistress of all artists

Capricious and fickle
We bow to her every whim
She holds us in her power
Terrified she’ll rescind gifts given

Masterpieces we create
Lauded by the public but we know
It is not us that has created this work
This has been created by something much greater

In her presence the words fly onto the page
When she is absent the paper stays empty
But she is her own and beg though I might
If she wishes it I cannot write

And so we become fearful as artists
What if she leaves us again?
And to drown the fear some of us drink, some use drugs
And in that very small window we create

Once you lose confidence in yourself
In your ability to tap the divine within
That’s when Muse truly becomes ephemeral
And try as you might you cannot grasp her

Oh whimsical, shallow Muse
Why do you so abuse your power?
Can we make this less of a controlling relationship?
Maybe I could become an equal partner?

If I promise always to acknowledge
You as the creator of what I write
Could you please deign to honour me with your presence
So my words once more begin to sing?

My mistress, my goddess, you who must be obeyed
I worship at your feet
Without you I truly am nothing
Please never leave me again

Oh mighty Muse, oh marvellous Muse
The greatest part within me
Thank you once more for helping me to create
But maybe next time it could be easier?


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