Procrastination Queen

What do you mean I need to study?
Last minute is perfectly fine
I still have a week till the assignment is due
That’s surely plenty of time!

What do you mean I have three other papers?
And many other things that need to be done?
Surely writing poetry is just as important?
Well I don’t care I’m having fun

Yes I do want to pass this diploma
I already have one degree, how hard can it be?
Oh that’s right, I tried that last semester
And after failing one assignment, decided to try plan B

You’re right, that was actually quite stressful
And though I pulled it off in the end
Maybe I should try plan B first this time
Then I might get to keep my weekends

What do you mean I should get organised?
And try and get more balance in my life?
I’m perfectly happy with how everything is going thank you
Who do you think you are, my wife?

But you have a point I do concede
This procrastination actually isn’t good for me
I love the ‘free time’ that I seem to have now
But in my results, an ‘F’ I don’t want to see!

So all right, all right, I’m listening!
Though really why must you ruin all my fun?
I do indeed understand it’s for my own good
Still when did you become my mum?

Grrrr! Okay I’ll regain my focus
And concentrate on my priorities
Being of course my studies
And the concert, but also my poetry

Yes, yes, I’ll study this weekend!
Because if I don’t then I know I will pay
But it’s unlikely to happen tomorrow
So maybe we can book some for Sunday?


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