Dress Rehearsal 1

Brr! It’s cold today
Truly the thought of wearing
My thin performance outfit
Has no appeal

Do I have everything?
Dresses and skirts check
Strappy shoes check
Voice? Hopefully!

We all cluster together
Shivering slightly in the cold
I surely hope it’s warmer
On the big night

Bad dress rehearsal good performance they say
Let’s hope the opposite isn’t true!
The music starts, we are on
Let the performance begin!

Not quite the transportation
That occurs with an audience
But still a very good effort
Considering we’ve a week to go

“Well done!” chorus the directors
A sigh of relief from the cast
We’re going to make this a success after all
We really have a chance

Putting on warmer clothes with relief
My goosebumps disappear
The big night is in 7 days
Plenty of time left to prepare?


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