Dress Rehearsal 2

But life is not a dress rehearsal
Though I have previously played it as so
It’s not like preparing for a concert
For this is it! Don’t look now you’re on show!

We don’t get any second chances
They’re not going to restart the show
If we haven’t learnt the right parts by this stage
Then we’re not going to enjoy our role

None of us want to end our time here
Wishing we’d played our part differently
Our performance lasts our lifetime
Plenty of time to choose our destiny?

Why spend all your years waiting
For your life to begin?
This is truly the biggest performance
You are ever going to be in

And though we can say we’ve been hampered
By our upbringing, conditioning, or circumstances
Others have overcome even greater obstacles
Are they such better actors than us?

What if your ladder is against the wrong wall?
And you only find this out at the top rung?
What if it’s too late then to choose another part?
What’s done really can’t be undone

What are your most important values?
What is it you truly live for?
Not what society tells you, but what really works for you?
It’s only your ego that wants more

Why spend all your years waiting
To follow the dreams of your heart?
There will never be a better time than now
For you to make a start

I have learnt from my mistakes
I had forgotten how to live
I was always rehearsing, waiting patiently
For the performance of my life to give

But luckily for me something happened
And I could no longer ignore all that was wrong
I realised how unbalanced I had become
How out of tune with life’s song

And now I am seeking to remind myself
Every hour of every day
That here and now is my life performance
Though how ‘successful’ I cannot say

So don’t spend all your years waiting
To become all that you can be
Open your eyes and look around
You’re on stage right now! Are you ready?


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