Meditation Practice

“Focus on your breath moving in and out
Breathe deeply, right to the bottom of your lungs
Then all the way out and repeat”

“Let all thoughts pass through your mind
Don’t fight them, just watch them pass through
Allow your mind to be at peace”

But my mind is not at peace
I am trying desperately to obey the instructions
Yet thoughts continue to intrude

“Breath deeply in and out, focus on your breath”
I try to follow but I’m so uncomfortable
Maybe this would be easier lying down?

Silence all around, is no one else struggling like me?
Why is it I can’t clear my head?
Why can’t I achieve peace?

Lying down I feel a sense of relief
My muscles lose tension and I sink into the floor
That’s better! Now to refocus on my breath

In and out, in and out, I breathe deeply and relax
The stream of thought continues
But I’m no longer fighting that

Suddenly it’s over
The teacher tells us to open our eyes
I think I may have fallen asleep, I’m feeling rather tired

Apparently meditation isn’t about entering a trance-like state
It’s the alert place just before you fall asleep
Because that’s somewhere it’s easy to stay!

Slightly disappointed but now more aware of what to do
I return to a seated position
Meditation practice, take two


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