What if I am indeed wrong?
What if there’s nothing more?
What if it’s something my mind invented
To explain the inexplicable?

I was previously so sure
I knew with absolute certainty
But now after more reading
I find myself questioning everything

To some this would be counter-intuitive
To believe we are spiritual beings
Undertaking a human journey
Learning about life and love

But for me this made perfect sense
Though it was a frightening epiphany initially
However without any spiritual background
I had no frame of reference to work with

So I determined to learn more
And I dived in headfirst after awakening
I have learned so much about myself as a result
Does it even matter if I am mistaken?

One of my friends believes
We will never know for sure till we die
And so his feeling is leave those questions alone
They’re not to be answered during this life

But how is it even possible
After been so certain to now be so unsure?
I am someone who needs meaning in my life
I can’t believe there is nothing more!

I guess that’s why it truly can’t
Be called faith if there’s any proof
I recognise I may never know the answers
But I still have to ask the questions

Does it even really matter
Whether I am right or wrong?
For what is the truth anyway?
Isn’t it different for everyone?

We are all on our own journey
That at least I know for sure
And if this helps me to continue mine
Then that is something to be thankful for

My beliefs have worked for me so far
I’m having the most marvelous year
Figment of my mind or reality?
Perhaps I might never know

So thank you Doubt for sharing
As Louise Hay would say
But no matter whether I’m right or wrong
I choose to believe this way


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