The 4 Poems of Karma


I wasn’t very considerate the other day
When performing a u-turn
I turned right in front of someone
Who was waiting to turn left

I hadn’t seen the other car
Before I started the manoeuvre
And it was too late by then
To do anything other than continue

But miracle of miracles
He didn’t even toot me
Though he was certainly in his rights to do so
It would have been thoroughly deserved

And then today I’m turning right
When the same thing happens to me
I hit the brakes as an inconsiderate driver
Makes a u-turn suddenly

The irony of the situation was obvious
And though I grumbled I couldn’t help but smile
Oh Karma my dear you are the humorous one
I’ll be much more considerate next time


They say you will get back
Whatever it is you give out
If that is true then what is potentially
Coming back to you?

The situation above was obvious
And as observed thoroughly deserved
However the majority of things we do
Are not generally so overt

How do you face the world?
How do you treat other people?
Are you kind, generous, and friendly?
Or are you grumpy and unapproachable?

How do you find people treat you?
Are you someone with a lot of friends?
If you find there’s a lot of conflict in your life
It might be worth examining why

Truly our relationships with others
Are really all about us
If we view others with suspicion and distrust
They’ll treat us the same in return

But if we are always friendly
And prepared to go the extra mile
Then we find people want to be around us
Our love and friendship gets returned in kind

Of course we need boundaries too
Because otherwise we won’t be respected
We’ll wind up doing everything for everyone
Exhausting and not what we want!

But as long as boundaries are in place
So you only say yes when you want to
Then being prepared to help someone out
Means even more to them than you

With strangers it might even be
You’re the only kind face they’ve seen that day
And though you’ve done it with no thought of return
Karma notices and tucks it away

And when in turn you require help
And don’t know what to do
That’s when indeed you find nearby
The perfect person to help you


But not only with strangers
Karma works with close relationships too
After all every relationship that you have
Is really all about you

In the past when I have been negative
And critical of my family
Even if I only criticised them to others
They would still respond in kind to me

But when I realised what I was doing
How Karma was repaying my misdeeds
I decided to change my behaviour
So the conflict might finally cease

Within less than an hour
Much to my disbelief
Once I’d started been more positive about them
They started being more positive about me

And as I have continued since
To focus only on the best
That has become increasingly prominent
And I am now much less bothered by the rest

Karma has returned to me tenfold
My family life is now harmonious
But this principle can work for you too
There’s truly nothing special about us


So if you are constantly in conflict
Maybe in battle with a loved one
Have you considered that you might play a part?
That it might not be entirely their fault?

We always get what we deserve… eventually
Karma makes sure of that
Before you blame others, take a hard look at yourself
If you were doing everything right, it wouldn’t be going wrong

Consider your words and actions
To everyone, not just the person you’re fighting
Remember Karma sees and knows all
And all will be returned to you eventually

So if you want to end a conflict
Then it has to start with you
Consider always the Laws of Karma
And harmony can be yours too


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