Pride comes before a fall they say
I have previously found this to be true
I’m a little sick of falling!
So I’m trying for a more humble attitude

The way to touch people’s hearts I’ve found
Is just to be yourself
To recognise we are all so lucky to be
No one’s better than anyone else

We will never appeal to everyone
That’s not how it’s meant to be
But we will always appeal to someone
If we are ourselves in all humility

There will always be things you can do
That I cannot and vice versa
The only thing I can truly do is be me
That I am better at than any other

My words will call to some people’s hearts
Others’ they will not capture
It will be the same with my singing I know
Not all will be left in rapture

I know that in order to allow
The magic to work on heart and soul
I have to get my ego out of the way
Complete surrender must be my goal

If I can just let go
And instead of singing allow myself to be sung
That’s when the performance is truly magic
When the singer and song become one

But if I was to believe I deserved this
That this magic is mine by right
Then I have been seduced by my ego
And of the greater picture lost sight

I am no more than anyone else
There is nothing I can do that others have not
If I think more of myself than I am
Then I stand to lose a lot

At this point in time it’s not a danger
For I have yet to make a success of my art
For now I am a complete unknown
Dreaming the passionate wishes of her heart

But if that was ever to change
Then I must remember somehow
That no matter what is going on in my life
I must remain just as I am now

For the magic is only possible
When you are not trying to be
When you are just completely yourself
In utter humility


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