Constantly seeking reassurance
Confirmation all is okay
Needing to know people are happy with me
That I am good enough

Doubting myself all the time
What is it they want?
Trying to be what I perceive it is
Others wish me to be

Why is it not sufficient
To know within myself
That I am everything I can be?
That all I can ever be is me?

Why don’t I believe I’m enough?
Why must I be someone else?
When all the pretence is stripped away
Who is left behind?

Going along with the crowd
Never wanting to cause a fuss
Even permitting ill treatment
To be liked and loved

Always follower never leader
Deferring to others’ decisions
Obeying the will of the group
Scared to stand up for myself

How did I become this way?
How did I forget who I am?
What has happened in my life
That I am so insecure?

Why do I see others as better than me?
More important and necessary to please?
When I know they’re no different from me really
They have insecurities too

I don’t like the person I am currently
Who pretends to be less than she is
Truly how does the world benefit
From my having no self-confidence?

I’m sick of being so insecure
If I don’t believe in me, no one will
I’m going to learn my own worth
Find out who I really am

I know it will take a lot of effort
To realise I’m okay
For truly none of us is perfect
And that is okay too

So I choose to be myself
To no longer be a follower
This might involve some unpopularity
But it’s something I have to do

Insecurity is only fear
Holding us back and making us less
Fear of other’s disapproval
Fear of what we could be

I no longer wish to live in fear
I choose to be all that I can
So goodbye to you insecurity
It’s time to find out who I really am


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