For You 1

I promised you a poem
And I mean to keep that vow
But it’s not proving very easy
Writing to you right now!

I tried to come up with a topic
Something you might like
About your hobbies, or life story
But it was going to be a real fight

So I have given in
Surrendered to the muse of poetry
What I’m going to write I do not know
What will be, will be

I contemplated ending here
And then restarting again
But that doesn’t feel quite right to me
Here isn’t quite the end

I had hoped to write something more for you
Something specifically yours
But I find I don’t have that control quite yet
I’ll have to practise a bit more!

So my fondest regards and congratulations
I wish you both the very best
And the next time I write a poem for you my dear
Here’s hoping for much greater success!


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