For You 2

We meet so many people in our life
And many of them are wonderful
But it’s very rare we meet that person
With whom we’re completely compatible

Someone who complements us
Yet still allows us to continue to grow
Who loves us just as we are
That’s incredibly special you know

This life is not an easy one
There will always be heartache we must go through
But this is so much easier to bear
When you are not one but two

And now you’re moving on to the next stage
Having decided to spend your lives together
Determined to face the future side by side
No matter whatever the weather

You’re committing yourselves to each other for a lifetime
Pledging in front of your loved ones
And this is truly the most amazing gift
You can ever give to anyone

May the two of you experience much joy
And know very little sadness
May you always love each other as much as you do now
May your hearts always be filled with gladness

May your lives be very happy ones
Indeed I wish you all the best
Congratulations on your engagement
May your marriage be a true success!


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