How is one meant to be a leader?
I only wish I knew
Are you born a leader?
Or is it just something you do?

For so long I have been a follower
A sheep amongst the herd
It’s hard to imagine being anything else
The idea seems quite absurd

And if I rise up in defiance
Choose to do things my own way
There will no longer be a place for me here
I’ll have to leave and start again

But no longer is the herd travelling
In a direction I wish to go
So it is time for me to take a stand
Where this will lead, god only knows

I have to be true to myself
There is no other way I can be
It’s time to put my ideas into practice
To make my dreams a reality

When you have to sacrifice yourself
In order to ‘belong’ somewhere
Then you have to ask is it worth it?
How much do you really care?

We are taught as little children
Conditioned to ‘fit in’
And if you don’t obey the rules
Expect exclusion and omission

I experienced that as well
Was the victim of numerous bullies
Still I can’t ignore my inner voice
Telling me to be true to me

So no longer do I choose
To be someone following the crowd
I choose to dream, I choose to dare
To live my life out loud

Whether I’m meant to be a leader
Will become apparent eventually
For now I choose to be true to myself
And accept that what will be, will be


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