Time To Move On

This house was my safe harbour
It offered me support
And time out from a difficult situation

For many months I have been happy here
There has been much joy
But of recent times more dissatisfaction

I wondered a little while ago
If the time to move on was nigh
But I needed to wait till I was stronger

Now wandering around the house
It feels empty, abandoned
And I know I won’t be staying here much longer

I needed my time in this place
To learn and to grow
To become the person I’ve always wanted to be

But all things come to an end
Nothing remains the same
It is time for us to part company

I will gain nothing more by staying
I’ve learnt all I can here
I need to recognize that and be grateful

If I try to delay the ending
It will only make it harder
And such attempts are never truly successful

We know when the time has come to part
Our intuition tells us
And woe to them that don’t pay heed

For when you try and stay beyond your time
You lose precious energy
Which can result in depression and lethargy

I’ve wondered for a while
Now I know for sure
It is time to listen to my inner wisdom

Goodbye dear little house
Thank you for my time here
I will always remember you with affection


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