Standing Alone

It was easy in the beginning
I was full of energy, full of life
The novelty of the experience
Kept me going through the strife

And strife there surely was
As I broke away from what I knew
My poor friends couldn’t understand
My now very different point of view

I have since said goodbye to many
As we head in different directions
Still they’ll always be my friends
I’ll always remember them with affection

To be the first to try something new
To be the first one to dare
Can be a very lonely position
And sometimes one that’s full of fear

What if I’m indeed wrong in my beliefs?
It seems everyone thinks I am
But I feel increasingly I am not wrong
This is the future direction of ‘man’

I’d love to have some company here
I’d love some of my friends to see the same way
But that is only insecurity, my ego talking
That’s not going to happen today

My friends may never understand
May never ‘get’ my new point of view
But I must leave them to their own journeys
I now know what I need to do

I have to continue to persevere
Continue to believe in me
Then I will gradually find the acceptance
I so long to receive

It may not be from past friends no
They might never understand
Why I did what I had to do
Following an intuited plan

But gradually I have found
That as I continue down this path
I have met other people who understand
Some have even helped me to laugh

I don’t intend to stand alone for long
I much prefer company!
But I accept now they may never understand
It’s time to let go of history

We all do what we believe we must
Make the best decisions we can at the time
Despite my current feeling of loneliness
I think this is going to work out just fine


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