Doubting Myself

I feel like I shouldn’t say this
But no point in denying what’s true
I am apprehensive about where I’m going
I think you would be too

Can I achieve what I’ve set out to do?
Or am I thinking too much of myself?
But why doubt my own capabilities?
I’m as able as anyone else!

When you’re not seeing results quickly
And it feels like everything is uphill
It’s easy to doubt where you are going
No matter how strong your will

Tried and true concepts are being challenged
The accepted is being disproved
The world is in a state of constant change
And there’s not much we can do

Except accept the inevitable
Embrace the change with all our heart
For stasis truly equals death
And in the change we can play a part

I can do this! I know I can
I can follow this ‘impossible dream’
Become who I’ve always wanted to be
So much more than I may seem

I want to make a difference
It appears I might have the chance
It’s time to start believing in me
To enter completely into life’s dance

No one else will ever be able
To contribute to this world as I can
It’s time I remembered that
We all have a part in the plan

There is truly no point in doubting myself
What is that going to achieve?
All I will ever be able to do is my best
It’s time to accept that and just be me


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