One cannot start at the top
The groundwork has to be done first
I know this is the case
It’s necessary

I can not expect that I
Can know it all immediately
I still have a lot of work to do
It’s necessary

All the reading takes so long
I’m no fan of assignments!
Even less of exams but
It’s necessary

There’s no point resenting this
I chose to do it after all
I need to accept what is
It’s necessary

How many of us like to study?
Well, I do enjoy learning things
But the process of studying, sigh
It’s necessary

And it can be so lonely!
Not to mention at times so boring!
And though I’m distracted I know
It’s necessary

Organization and time management are key
She works out 4 weeks in!
Lots of catch up to do now!
It’s necessary

But to be the person I want to be
To have the effect I wish to have
I need to know so much more than I do now
It’s necessary

In order to be a teacher
I first have to be a student
So it’s time to return to the study for
It’s necessary


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