Cultural Psychology

Why do I feel this resentment?
Why this grumbling inside of me?
I need to learn about different cultures
This is how it has to be

Is it because I have been studying
And writing notes all day long?
Is that why I’m now over this
Though I keep struggling along?

Everything is taking so much
Longer than it really should
The last reading took several days
I don’t know how much I understood

It is not possible to view the world
From only my western perspective
I need to understand other cultures
If my teachings are going to be effective

We don’t have it all right in the west
Of this I am increasingly sure
From other cultures we can learn
And understand so much more

Just because a knowledge system is based
In a world view incorporating spirituality
Doesn’t mean it’s any less valid
Well not as far as I can see

From my recent reading on Hinduism
I agree with the idea of reincarnation
I believe we’ve all lived multiple lives before
Since the beginning of creation

I also like that in their philosophy
Old age is considered to be
The period of life when you reach your developmental peak
That sounds about right to me!

And there are many other things I am picking up
That seem to make both logical and rational sense
But putting it all together into one workable philosophy
Well that’s a path that’s rather intense

Maybe there is not any ‘one’ truth after all
Just many different versions of a similar ideology
But what is the core of the teachings and philosophies?
Will I find this somewhere in my studies?

I love learning in tutorials and face to face
Learning from academic writings does seem to be less effective for me
But if I want to pass this paper I need to start learning visually and fast
And I do want to better understand Cultural Psychology

For I know in order for me to understand
And communicate with other social groups
I need to comprehend where they’re coming from
With that I have no dispute

And I do need to expand my horizons I know
To other cultures’ philosophies and psychologies I do need to open my mind
But currently I’m feeling quite exhausted
So I’ll have to try again some another time


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