It’s not really ‘politically correct’ in this world of ours
To admit you’re feeling lonely
It can be equated with being desperate or miserable
Not really things one wants to be!

We’re meant to be happy all the time
Living perfect lives contentedly
Super satisfied with life, whatever our lot
Well that’s how it can seem to me

I’ve never pretended to be perfect
I’ve always acknowledged my flaws
Which is why I’ve been able to grow and change
Become so much more than I once was

Yes I am feeling lonely
Experiencing so much of my own company
I wish there was someone I could share my life with
That I wasn’t so solitary

This is what I have chosen though
Because I am not looking for just anyone
I need someone who can challenge me yes
But still be a lot of fun

A life-partner who understands
Who helps me to be all I can be
Adoring but still allowing me space to grow
Yes that’s what I want for me!

However, I refuse to be controlled
I’ve had enough of that in the past
So he would need to allow me my freedom
If the relationship was going to last

Yes my standards are high
And why shouldn’t they be so?
It is possible to be lonely even with someone
This fact most of us know

I will never be happy with a man
If he will not accept me for myself
I would not be happy living a lie
Pretending to be someone else

He needs to accept me as I am
And I need to do the same in return
For if I am seeking to change the man
That’s another lesson to learn!

We can never change someone else
Trying only harms the relationship’s health
This is a lesson I learnt the hard way
The only one we can change is ourself

So until that man enters my life
Who adores me just for being me
I will continue exactly as I am
There are far worse things to be than lonely!


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