The Hardest Lesson

The hardest lesson of all
Or so it seems to me
Is detaching from all outcomes
And just letting things be

I try so hard in everything
From study through to singing
But in order to achieve the desired result
I really need to start detaching

For if I have an attachment
A desire for a certain outcome
Then I am far from relaxed about things
And probably not having much fun

What does it matter anyway
If I get the ‘money note’ or not?
I’m only singing in the shower
Nobody else really cares a jot!

And why is it so important
That I end up with a certain man?
I need to stop telling the cosmos what to do
Stop trying to modify the plan!

I truly sung my best
When I was hypomanic
Now that I am ‘normal’ I tense up
Although seldom totally panic

But when I was completely ‘mad’
I absolutely knew I could sing
There was no room for doubt or fear
For I was no longer trying

The trick is to get out of the way
And instead of singing let yourself ‘be sung’
So much harder than it sounds though!
Is it this hard for everyone?

Why do I care what others think?
Why this attachment to ‘proving’ myself?
I am who I am, who I will always be
And so is everyone else

I don’t need more possessions
I don’t need the ‘perfect man’
I don’t need more qualifications
I’m enough just as I am!

It’s about time I realised this
Relaxed and just allowed myself to be
No matter what accoutrements I may collect
I can never be more than just me

And I will never achieve my full potential
If I don’t let go and stop damn well trying!
I choose to accept that my best is enough
It is time for me to work on just being


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