Thank you!

Céad míle fáilte! A hundred thousand welcomes to you! 🙂

First of all, thank *you* to you the reader for taking the time to share some of this incredible story that is my life with me, thank you a hundred times over.

I hope you enjoy this retelling of my quest to become the hero of my own dream life. This living memoir was begun in late 2009, when I returned home from Ireland, and realised that in order for my outer world to change, I had to change my inner world through changing myself. Not an easy journey no, but all of the friends mentioned below made it possible.

Thus I am very grateful to all of the people who have inspired me in my life, and shared their wisdom with me. They are truly too many to name, but most especially: Michelle Grey; Nat Jayadevi; Anne Elliot; Daniel Taylor; Joan Power; Inez Schmidt; Angela Henderson; Mere Manning; Elisabeth Taylor-Waring; Cherrique Parker; Francis Cooke; Brooke Tietjens; Tara Smith; Sofie Yelavich; Elizabeth Becker; Rachel Bolland; Samantha Bailey; Kate Willoughby-Martin; Verity Lee Bosch; Ariana Manning; Francesca Abady-Kim; Lorisa Brown; Linda Lee; all the members of 2 Allenby Terrace – past and present; Samuel Gronn O’Brien; those associated with the western medical profession who have taught and mentored me over the years; the Bhakti Lounge Krishna Consciousness practitioners; Jaime Dorner and Suzy Hawes, who together taught the most amazing performing arts diploma course at UCOL; all the members of the UCOL DPA class of 2013; my family; the Garsides; my music teachers: Heather de Ridder, John Schwabe, Olga Barrett, Kathi Craig, Frank Merriman, Margaret Medlyn, and Lisa Harper-Brown; the staff and students of the New Zealand School of Music; the members of the Drama Christi Amateur Theatrical Goup; and every other single one of my unlisted here, but written in my heart, very, very, dear friends from other times and places, whom I only wish I could write all of your names down, but I would be writing forever.

Additionally, I am beyond grateful to all of the spiritual masters and teachers whom have walked similar paths before me. Sometimes a poem or piece of prose has been inspired by a wise one’s quote, an idea from a book, or from my re-interpretation of a theme. When this is the case, I have always sought to acknowledge and give credit to where the idea has come from.  Perhaps I haven’t always succeeded, I hope that is not the case. For as Isaac Newton once said: ‘if I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.’ Thus my undying thanks to: Jesus Christ, Louise Hay, Stephanie Meyer, Doreen Virtue, Stephen Farmer, Caroline Myss, Linda Kohanov, Pope Francis, Rumi, The 14th Dalai Lama, Radanath Swami, Osho, James Redfield, Lucy Kavendish, Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, Philip Garside, and so many, many more. Thank you, your work has been inspirational, and has fed a true heart dream of my own to be a spiritual teacher who teaches and leads by example, and by always ‘walking her talk’, tries to emobdy unconditional love in this real world. Thank you also to Disney, George Lucas, Pixar, and to all those who have sought to bring true dreams to life. Disney has always nurtured my love of singing since I can remember. I thank you.

Thank you to all of you mentioned above. You have all helped me grow into whom I have always dreamed I could be. I am eternally grateful.

Also a hu-uge thank you to my dearly beloved best friend peaceful spiritual warrior (my Parabatai Agape in truth) Alexander Garside for his unconditional wild love, support, and belief in me, as well as allowing me to use his magnificent images to showcase my work. Please see: Garside Imaging if you like his work 🙂

Additionally, I am very grateful to the first true love of my life who catalysed the introspection that occurs from a broken heart. Whether intentional or not, you were an excellent teacher, and I changed much about myself in order to avoid ever going through that kind of pain again. Thank you for the part that you played. I hope all of your true dreams come true ❤

And, finally, last but never ever least, a ginormous thank you to the divine power: Cosmos/Soul/Spirit/One/Allah/God/Yahweh/Christ/Krishna/Godhead/Allah/Goddess/Great Mystery/All That Is/Tao Te Ching/Whatever! for the chance to live this amazing, crazy, wonderful, special, beautiful life.

Here’s to holistic health and wellbeing for all!