Open My Heart

I have been closed off to love
Frightened and terribly defensive
Hiding from others behind my boundaries
Scared I was too sensitive

For love has caused me terrible pain
From which I‘ve only recently healed
So of course I seek to avoid love now
Scared of what might be revealed

But I must learn how to be brave again
Because the only way I will be adored
For who I truly am, is to let my authentic self show
So I choose to open my heart once more


This Too Shall Pass

No matter how bad things seem
No matter how hard the road you’re walking
I tell you my friend things will get better!
This too shall pass

No matter the extent of your sorrow
And you feel the pain will never end
I beg of you don’t give up now!
This too shall pass

There will always be a rainbow after the storm
There will always be night after day
There will always be spring after winter
Things will never stay the same

So no matter how scared you may be feeling
How lonely and terribly afraid
Please just hold in there! For I promise you
This too shall pass

Time for Us to Learn How to Heal

We will survive
We were born to love
We can heal this planet
But first we need to heal ourselves

We can make this world heaven
Cease the destruction and the war
Forgive ourselves for the harm we’ve caused
And then seek to atone

We have the opportunity to heal
Both us and our fractured earth
And I believe we will indeed do so
For Humanity is a gift

So far not a present to the environment!
That I will concede
Poor Earth must be wondering what she’s done
To justify such abuse

But we were not born to be power mongers
There’s an innate goodness within us
Saying we do not have an internal moral code
Is only lying

No one wants to be ‘in the wrong’
We all strive to justify our actions
To be seen as compassionate and loving individuals
Does that sound ‘evil’ to you?

Even Hitler thought he was saving the world
I’m not sure quite how
But if that was his intention, how now do you view his actions?
Could even he deserve forgiveness for getting it so wrong?

Because everyone is doing the best that they can
With the knowledge they have at the time
Learning how to be in this infinite cosmos
Though we all have to account for our actions, that is what karma is for

Yes peace is truly possible
Not just an improbable dream
But we need to stop searching for external power
And find our true power inside

Learn to respect our emotions
But not be a slave to them
Before reacting, take a moment to pause
And ask if there isn’t a better way

We can find love and compassion
For those who have done us wrong
Understand things from their perspective
And then shake hands and make up

For once we know everyone is a mirror
Reflecting the truth inside of us
Then it is impossible to judge them
For they’re only showing us our shadows

The lessons we need to learn
So we can truly love the whole of us
Not judge parts as ‘good’ or ‘bad’
But accept all of us in entirety

I’m learning to love everything about me
For all is worthy of my love
Am I not divine like everyone else?
Do I really think I know better than God?

‘Good’ and ‘bad’ are human illusions
Created out of fear
Just because we don’t understand something
Doesn’t mean it is wrong

So I choose to embrace my spiritual side
That which tells me who I am
I choose to love myself unconditionally
Whatever that might involve

I may think differently to others, yes
But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am wrong
And who of us truly thinks the same
As everybody else?

We are all unique expressions
Of the creative source of the cosmos
We were never meant to be the same
We’re meant to be individuals

We need to accept all that we are
And all that others are too
That is the only way we can heal
That is the only way to be truly free

For we are all children of the Divine
Perfectly imperfect in every way
And if we can all remember this and heal
Then we really have a chance

Once we have healed ourselves
Learnt how to love ourselves entirely
Then we can empower others to heal
Through love and compassion

Listen to them: they might never have been
Listened to before
It will validate them and they will feel
Truly heard for the first time

Guide them to their own answers inside
Empower them to be in control of themselves at last
Help them choose to be victims no longer
To be in charge of their own future, their own destiny

For we all know who we are
Who we were always destined to be
And with this knowledge we can save our home
Become her guardians instead

We can learn how to choose to love unconditionally
As we’ve never before been able to
Know that we’re all truly special
We are not ‘the fallen’ any more

Our fall from grace occurred long ago
When we forgot we were innately Divine
How can anything Divine be truly wrong?
It’s time to change our perspective

We can heal ourselves and each other
And then we can heal our planet
Show her the love we’ve denied her for so long
End the cycle of violence

All of this is possible
We can choose another way
It doesn’t have to end in ‘Armageddon’
There doesn’t have to be a ‘Doomsday’

And when we have healed ourselves
And then lavished our love upon our home
We truly will be living in ‘Heaven on Earth’
And life will indeed be Divine

So it is time that we forgave the past
All who have wronged us and ourselves
I can assure you we have all suffered enough
Now it’s time for us to learn how to heal

The Choice

If you are afraid you might be mad
Then that is how others will see you
You have to believe your own truth inside
Before they will see it too

But how can one be so confident?
When all that has been taught is fear?
How can we truly believe who we are?
Believe in the inner wisdom we hear?

It is so easy to give in to the fear
Try and prevent that which is destined to be
I could leave right now, walk away
Pretend this isn’t who I want to be

But do I really want that?
Give up all I have achieved so far?
Give into my fear and turn away?
From something that seems so bizarre?

Bizarre, yes, but magical too
With joy and meaning all around
I am right or I am wrong, who can know?
Though all logic this does confound

I know what the other choice would involve
How that would play out for me
I’ve lived in that world for long enough
Now I’m choosing to be free

It won’t be easy I know that well
For I cannot know what is to come
I’ll have to take each day one step at a time
Overcome the temptation to run

This is my choice and I choose life!
In whatever form that might be
I choose to become who I really am
It’s time to embrace my destiny

Bless Them All

Bless them all
Every one of them
Every great and small

The most precious gift
That could be given
The greatest miracle of them all

I know that I will get through this
My faith will see me through
And with divine help I will succeed
In doing what I need to do

Bless them all
The weak, the strong
When they stumble and when they fall

Shower them with love and compassion
But most all
Bless them all!


How Can I Forgive?

I have some idea of where I’m going
I’ve remembered who I’m meant to be
My time in the chrysalis is almost over
I will soon be reborn as beautiful me

But the only way this can happen
Is if I forgive what has past
Forgive you for rejecting me
Forgive and let go at last

We can never do all we are meant to
If I keep holding on to my pain
I need to stop fearing your rejection
Know it isn’t going to happen again

The resulting pain was excruciating
The like of which I’ve never experienced before
Is it any wonder then my darling
That I’m frightened of experiencing more?

But I need to forgive you for what you did
And I need to forgive myself too
For if I can’t forgive and let go of the past
Then I haven’t a chance of being with you

In this new world we’re now living in
What we believe will come to be
So we have to stop focusing on our fears
And start focusing on our dreams

I know we’re going to end up together
That it’s only a matter of time
But before we can, I need to forgive
Let go this old heartbreak of mine

I don’t entirely know how to
But this isn’t benefitting me in any way
So I choose to forgive, to let go, to accept
And allow us to be together again one day