Welcome to my World!

Welcome to my world!
I’m so glad you could join me
Where did you find the key?
In your heart?
Oh, wouldn’t it be so wonderful if others knew that secret!


Truly, You Lived!

The greatest achievement in your life will be your life

It is your masterwork, the culmination of years, nay decades, of intense concentration, of pouring your heart out and of choosing what background it will have, what characters, what theme, and every other detail

In the twilight of your life, will you look back on your creation as a proud parent, or will you wish you had painted differently: maybe used brighter colours, chosen a different setting or even different characters or a different theme?

If you feel within your heart that this is so, then make those changes now!

It is never too late to alter the course of a life!

And it is never too late to choose more vibrancy: more passion, joy, despair, and ecstasy

This life is your greatest masterpiece: what you will be remembered by for the rest of eternity

So paint it as loud and large as you can!

Use the brightest colours: the more contrast the better! Cram it full of everything you possibly can so when you look back at it you will feel a peace knowing you couldn’t possibly have done any more. Knowing that while others perfected theirs with tiny, precise brushstrokes (always staying within the lines), and insipid pastels, you didn’t even use a brush – you used your hands to throw colour at the canvas – and what a canvas it is now!

Be proud of yourself knowing you lived passionately in high color and dared to be all that you ever dreamed you could be!

Truly, you lived!

The Guardians

Look around you with new eyes and see all that you are offered: this whole world is yours to play in and with

However, we need to learn to treat the gifts we are given as sacred

You wouldn’t let your children away with damaging their toys would you?

This world is our gift: not to possess and destroy, but to nurture and protect

We do not own anything. We were given everything, and it can be taken away at any time. And sooner or later it will be. Thus we must honour and cherish what we have been blessed with for the short period of time that we are permitted

This life is transient. We are here such a short time. We have so little time to know the grass under our feet, the feel of the wind in our hair

These are the true joys in life; the greatest treasures. This is why we are here: to know these miracles for the space between heartbeats

For we are the guardians