Act 1: In The Beginning

Book 1 Chapter 1: Awakening to the Journey

Chapter 2: From Victim to Survivor

Chapter 3: The Little Things in Life, plus some Big Revelations

Chapter 4: Living in the Real World… mostly

Chapter 5: Learning about Love: for Myself and for Others

Chapter 6: Acknowledging some very Challenging Concepts

Chapter 7: Love Again, Respecting Boundaries and Memories of Times Past

Chapter 8: Healing, Silent Power and Acceptance of Emotions

Book 2 Chapter 1: The Journey Continues

Chapter 2: The Victim Within Resurfaces, but fortunately Common Sense Prevails… Eventually…

Chapter 3: Sometimes it’s the Simple Things that are the Most Important

Chapter 4: The Not So Simple, but still Vitally Important

Chapter 5: Where Has My Survivor Gone?

Chapter 6: Making Some Very Hard Choices and Learning to Love the Whole of Me

Chapter 7: Opening My Heart Again

Chapter 8: Some Very Dark Places

Chapter 9: Beyond The Pain

Chapter 10: Visions from the Pasture of Now

Book 3 Chapter 1: It Doesn’t Get Any Easier! (9/2010 – 1/2012)

Chapter 2: Communications from the other sides of this unrequited love story (9/10-2/12)

Chapter 3: Enough about Love Requited or Not! Back to the Story! (2/2012 Р5/2012)

Chapter 4: Manifesting Abundance and Learning About a New Way of Being

Chapter 5: Seeking to Find a Way to Move on to the Next Stage (from 2012)

Intermezzo: From Here (Christmas 2017)

Chapter 6: I Guess There Should Be Some More Romance? (from 2012)

Act 2: Claiming My Shadow

Chapter 7: Where To Now?

Book 4 Chapter 1: Embracing Destiny

Chapter 2: Confronting Old Patterns and Learning to Practise What I Preach!