My Path to Personal Freedom

I am Doctor Katrina Claire Brougham, recently retired from practising medicine, but always a healer, and I love to empower through mutual sharing of wisdom.

This is the story of my quest for personal freedom, by choosing to always live the never-ending adventure of a life of unconditional love, and compassionate action in this real, modern world, no matter how hard it can be sometimes for dreams to come true.

Edit. 16 July 2017.

There is a full acknowledgements page available to easily view if you access the contents page, but I would like to personally give my eternal gratitude and love to Alexander Paul Garside, Master of his own Destiny, my very best friend in the world, for allowing me to freely use his images to really bring this work to life ❤

If you like the photos showcased in this work, please check out more of his work at: or:

Aroha nui, je t’aime beaucoup, eternitate, I will always love you AlexGander ❤
Thank you for this beautiful, bitter-sweet journey till now my beloved FingerPrince xxx

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Taking the ‘scenic route’ through life, observing, analysing, drawing conclusions, and trying to relate these experiences at the personal level to the more holistic universal level with varying levels of success. This collection of poetry and prose starting from late 2009, and continuing to the present day is the result. Please enjoy.

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