My Path to Personal Freedom

I am Doctor Katrina Claire Brougham. I am a fully qualified junior doctor with a Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery – now retired – but my first dream was always to sing. This living memoir is about how in my late twenties (2009) I finally reclaimed the power to create my own life, and to live my own true dreams, as my own beloved self first, and eventually with another. It has some bumps along the way, so be warned, it is not all smooth sailing! But that wouldn’t make for a good story now would it? 🙂 Also be warned, it is not always easy reading – but it is always my truth, and I have tried to be kind where I can. However, I have also always sought to honour my unbreakable vow – the Oath of Hypocrates – that we all swear when we graduate from Medicine. I have always interpreted this sworn vow/oath as being representative of what I was taught was the most important medico-bio-ethical rule of non-maleficence – i.e:  ‘primum non nocere’ – first do no *intentional* harm to yourself or others. I hope I have succeeded.

Thus, this is mostly the story of my own personal quest for freedom. A quest I have undertaken by choosing to live always the never-ending adventure of a life of unconditional love, and compassionate action in this real, modern-day world. However to do so, I have had to learn to face my past demons, and heal all the wounded aspects of my psyche, no matter how hard it can be sometimes. Only then have my deepest heart wishes and dreams finally had the chance to come true.

Hence this is a living memoir, for as I grow spiritually, so does it. Indeed, as one of my spiritual teachers and friends, Nat said to me recently: ‘we are all works in progress.’

So, welcome to my world, reimagined to be kind, fair, and inspirational.
I hope it inspires you to create your own dream world 🙂


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Taking the ‘scenic route’ through life, observing, analysing, drawing conclusions, and trying to relate these experiences at the personal level to the more holistic universal level with varying levels of success. This living, organic collection of poetry and prose starting from late 2009, and continuing to the present day and beyond is the result. 🙂

I hope you enjoy thinking ‘outside of the box’ with me for however long you wish to follow my story, and maybe you will be inspired to create your own 🙂

From the Divine in me to the Divine in you – Namaste 🙂

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