My Path to Personal Freedom

Challenging my preconceived perceptions daily. Appreciating that though I usually resist change, due to mental and emotional attachment to what was, it usually ends up being the best for me.

Learning how to face my fears and become the person I have always dreamed of being. Moreover, learning how to no longer be fearful at all. Choosing to act with dignity, compassion, honour, and grace no matter how hard that may be. Learning how to trust and respect myself by choosing to do what is right for me, irrespective of other’s opinions.

Learning how to open my heart to the world and choose to consciously live in joy, love, and trust again.

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Taking┬áthe ‘scenic route’ through life, observing, analysing, drawing conclusions, and trying to relate these experiences at the personal level to the more holistic cosmic level with varying levels of success. This living, organic collection of poetry and prose starting from late 2009, and continuing to the present day and beyond is the result.

I hope you enjoy thinking ‘outside of the box’ with me for however long you wish to follow my story, and maybe you will be inspired to create your own.

From the Divine in me to the Divine in you – Namaste

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